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Environmental & Health Policy

At Sumpap Logistics, We believe that Environment friendly operations and health policy in business is every business’s moral and social reasonability. Our all operations, policies, planning, strategies and day-to-day activities are all Health, Safety and environment oriented. Sumpap Logistics foster an working atmosphere that focuses on prevention of accidents and protection of the environment. As one of our top management goals which include, safety, health and well-being of our employees, even of part-time staff members, suppliers, vendors, contractors, customers & their customers, all level partners and the public, safety is never compromised and our day-to-day activities are always performed in a safe and secure manner. In order to achieve this, we commit:

• To provide and implement formal Health & Safety Management Systems.

• To identify potential Health, Safety, Security & Environmental risks within Sumpap Logistics and its policies & operations by conducting activity based risk assessments, monitoring & tracking and taking required control steps to reduce the risk to minimal level.

• To provide safe and reliable tools and equipment to our employee at any levels.

• To provide sufficient Health, Safety & Security training and suitable & regular awareness programs for Sumpap Logistics employees so that they can carry out their jobs securely and safely.

• All policies to be made keeping in mind Environment and Recycling techniques.• To carry out all day-to-day works in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to avoid or reduce environmental impact.

• To prevent/reduce accidents, unforeseen incidents and injuries by implementing Safety and Health management systems within our Warehouse & Logistics operations and taking regular & uncompromised proactive safety precautions.

• To ensure that all safety and health accidents, unforeseen/sudden incidents and injuriers are reported to seniors & managers on timely basis and carefully investigated to catch the root cause to take required provisions to prevent/reduce similar recurrences in future.

• To develop and run modern-day appropriate techniques to manage and track the Health, Security & Safety performance of Sumpap Logistics staff on regular basis. To provide incentives, motivate and encourage employees to promote positive Health, Secure and Safe culture within the organization as well as outside.

• To push our customer & their customers, supplies, contractor, vendors, trading partners, transporters, delivery guys, courier partners and management partners to meet or exceed Sumpap Logistics Health, Security and Safety expectations and Environmental standards.

• To make sure the compliance with legal and industry standard regulations, we work regularly with local authorities.

• In order to create a safe, secure, effective, efficient and healthy working atmosphere within the organization, it is mandatory for Sumpap Logistics employees to take control and ownership within their respective departments & hierarchies to implement Health, Security & Safety policy, Environment standards and Management systems.




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