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Fitness Equipment Logistics

Cutting-Edge Fitness equipment Logistics :
Sumpap Logistics for fitness equipment industry.

With growing demand of fitness equipment and also recent launch of Fit India campaign, the demand for products of this industry is growing. Slow but yes it growing. From long shelf life storage to proper material handling and from bulk orders to single item door step delivery, Sumpap Logistics provides well equipped logistics architecture for fitness industry products. Our warehouse management system Sumpap Logistics WMS and our storage warehouses can even cope with the multitude of the various parts and variations, from the smallest equipments to large fitness machines logistical support.

Industry-specific functions and
features at a glance.

Fitness equipment

  • Multi-order picking using transport equipment
  • Urgent Deliveries
  • Material Segregation
  • Standard & safe equipments
  • Maximum order processing speed
  • Tracebality via Barcoding

Proper Material Handling

Weight & Quality check

Fast distribution capacity

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Sumpap Logistics WMS software includes
a variety of features for fitness equipment industry

Centralised Software

Order Tracking


Reverse Logistics

Asset Management

Billing as per GST norms

Transport control system

Vendor Management

Real time stock

API for IT integration

Regular notification system

Multi-order Picking

RFID & QR barcoding

Inventory Control

Value Added Services

Dedicated Online platform

Customized reports & stats

Packing Management

Fitness equipment logistics with Sumpap Logistics

Fitness equipment logistics is a great challenge in the industry of Fitness. A modern logistics architecture needs to be ready to tackle any type of challenges from proper machine handling to quality control to value added services to all the way to the picking processes to urgent deliveries: Sumpap Logistics manages and controls each minor and major procedure and, furthermore, even effectively controls the stock handling technology inside the warehouse premises having equipment to manage fitness equipment with growing and changing trends.

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