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Uniforms and Apparel Logistics

Maximum flow of materials and minimum wear & tear :
Sumpap Logistics for uniforms
and apparel industry.

Logistics service providers need to be able to manage a whole host of customers and their customers who each have a wide range of challenges and requirements. Garments Industry demands such special attention. Sumpap Logistics offers mix-and-match customized logistics packages to uniforms and apparels manufacturers and that on unique needs. It is easy with Sumpap logistics to be capable of having everything running under one system. From differences in sizes to differences in colors and to differences in brands, our systems are ready to let you manage their warehousing and deliveries in seconds.

Industry-specific functions and
features at a glance.

Automotive & Spare Parts

  • Multi-order picking using transport equipment
  • Urgent Deliveries
  • Scrap Management
  • Just-in-time/just-in-sequence processes
  • Maximum order processing speed
  • Tracebality via Barcoding
  • Webstore integration

Fast distrbution

Barcode based Tracing

Returns Management

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Sumpap Logistics WMS software includes
a variety of features for uniforms and apparel industry

Centralised Software

Order Tracking


Reverse Logistics

Asset Management

Billing as per GST norms

Transport control system

Vendor Management

Real time stock

API for IT integration

Regular notification system

Multi-order Picking

RFID & QR barcoding

Inventory Control

Value Added Services

Dedicated Online platform

Customized reports & stats

Packing Management

A reliable warehouse management system for Apparel industry

Apparel industry is characterised by big ranges in colors, sizes, brands, designs, outfit type and seasons clothing. Sumpap Logistics WMS enables you to manage your complete logistics head under one roof. Get instant stock visibility, place orders in minutes, track orders, generate billing for your clients and accept return shipments from Sumpap Logistics WMS only. With increasing competition from traditional as well as online markets, it has become necessary on saving costs at each step for sustainability. Sumpap Logistics WMS is ready on offering customized packages for uniforms and apparels industry manufacturers. Contact Us to start now.

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Sumpap Logistics is a leading integrated Logistics and supply chain solutions provider headquartered in Delhi/NCR, India. Established in 2014, Sumpap Logistics is a leading regional provider of world class 4PL supply chain solutions, with a global reach through its strategic alliance with global network partners.

Manage Your inventory, suppliers, transporters, orders, purchasing, shipments - all from a single platform. Fast forward your business with Sumpap Logistics.

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