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Supply Chain and Logistics Performance Analytics

Big Data becomes Smart Power.

To know already today what is important tomorrow.

Problem with traditional WMS softwares and supply chain software solutions is that only a fraction of the data available is systematically collected & classified and, of that data, only a small part is analyzed and used to support business decisions. With Sumpap Logistics WMS Analytics tools & reports, we provide a modern day service that uncovers and analyzes untapped opportunities within the supply chain process. Sumpap Logistics Warehouse Management System (WMS) gives scientific performance analytics and diverse reports on all levels of your supply chain process by making use of existing data, and tapping into the full potential of existing possibilities. Is your business very seasonal, for example? Using the gathered, collected and analyzed data, Sumpap Logistics WMS can provide targeted predictions for future developments.

Real time efficiency tracking

Segregated & Summarised Reports

Supply Chain Performance tracing

Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Logistics Performance Reporting

Warehouse Performance reports

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Benefits of Supply chain analytics

By using Sumpap Logistics WMS, you are forecasting logistical events and future supply chain, by which you can gain a competitive advantage and prevent monetary loss due to improper planning and hence achieving economies of scale.

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Forecasting optimum stock levels
  • Product cycle calculation
  • Improved personalization for B2B
  • Data-enabled decision making
  • Demand forecasting and supply planning

Realize predictions for your supply chain process


Benefit from a high level of planning and achievement reliability by partnering with Sumpap Logistics. We, by working as extension to your organization, provide supply chain performance analytics from results which are incorporated directly into your operations to improve decision-making, processed and future planning. The reports & data can be used regularly as a tool or to answer specific area questions. Our Performance analytics tools is applied towards all facets of supply chain process to help anticipate events, avoid risks, help in forecasting and create comprehensive solutions.

Sumpap Logistics WMS software includes
a variety of Analytics tools – 

Predictive Modeling

Market basket analysis

Data Mining

Production & Sales forecasting

Customer Visibility reports

Text Analytics

Vendor Performance analysis

Product wise analysis

Resource Availability tools

Top selling products analytics

Quality control & management analysis

Real-Time Scoring

Ad-Hoc Statistical Analysis

Outbound order analysis

Pattern recognition at all levels

Product cycle analytics

Transport/Courier partner analysis

Production Planning to Actual storage assessment

Capture opportunities within Supply chains

The supply chain is a great place to use Sumpap Logistics Analytic tools to look for a competitive advantage & tapping unforeseen opportunities, because of supply chain complexity and also because of the significant part supply chain plays in a organisation’s cost structure and profitability. Sumpap Logistics’s Analytics tools provide deep data into performance verticals and then your Supply chains can appear simple compared to other parts of a business, even though they are not. Sumpap Logistics Analytics Tools at its essence is about transforming all the collected past & present data and incoming flow of current supply chain data into insights for making better planning decisions. If we keep an open mind, we can always do better by digging deeper into data as well as by thinking about a predictive instead of reactive view of the data.

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