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Packaging Design and Management Service

The journey of a product is often subject to several adverse handling at various levels, wear-tear and environmental conditions before it is finally reached to a consumer. Often, these careless handling conditions can damage or adversely affect the products while in-transit. Sumpap Logistics special packing team and visionaries are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the cargo at all levels of distribution, regardless of the adverse handling conditions it is subject to. Our team ensures that the products are packed with customised packaging & in a proper planning, so that it reaches its destination in its original condition.

This requires careful packing design and management for products. Sumpap logistics, as a complete supply chain and 4PL service provider, also provides customised packaging design for your products irrespective of industry your products are categorized in. The right packaging can protect or even extend the life of a part or give you an opportunity to make a good first impression.

Better Material handing

Superior than Industry Standards

Creatively Designed

Product Packaging Management

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Through our Packaging planning & design we ensure :

  • Product Protection – Professional packaging enables the goods and materials to be protected from damage, loss, corrosion and Pilferage.
  • Cost Reduction – Professional packaging is the key to cost cutting – e.g. lower packaging material consumption, better transport utilization and reduced damages.
  • Packed suitably to move by air or sea or road or even on 2 wheelers depending upon the product.
  • Increased handling functionality at warehousing, packing, distribution levels.
  • Branding – Professional packaging solutions help the products to be branded throughout the supply chain: from the production to the final point of sale.


We can also customize your packaging, marking and labeling so that your final deliverables meet your specific needs. You just present your need, and we’ll deliver.


Why Packaging Design and Management ?


We believe that packaging isn’t just the outer casing of your product; it’s, more importantly, how your leads, partners and customers see your design brand. If you mistreat your packaging as an afterthought without required attention to branding consistency, then surely you’ve missed a good opportunity to delight your customers and get more customers. We use packaging as a showcase of thoughtful design that furthers your branding, then we have helped your cause.

Our specialized packaging services include, but are not limited to :


Bubble wrapping

Custom Pick and Pack

Special pricing




RFID & Barcoding

Packaging Assessment

Temper proof eco pack


Special Labeling


Packaging for E-commerce

Custom Business wise packing solutions

Sumpap Logistics – Packing design Strategy

Product packaging has been around humans since the ancient time to assist them in transporting, storing, and protecting a variety of essential and delicate items. But nowadays, packaging has become an integral marketing strategy to beautify a product to draw the consumer’s attention. We, with help of our experienced team, provide a branding image to your product packaging while making sure that it serves it purpose of being a safe and long run packing sustaining itself in all type of material handling.

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