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Vendor Grading and Quality Management Service

Today, some companies rationalize their supply chain based on the vendors/suppliers that are critical to their business, eliminating the ones that are not. Others do it based on vendor/supplier competence, efficiency, the range of products provided or the uniqueness of the vendor’s offering. Quality itself is a big parameter in rationalization – vendors/suppliers that fail to meet predefined quality or performance specifications pose a significant risk and might need to be removed from the supply chain. Whatever the approach maybe, Quality parameter is recognized by every enterprise as among the top parameters to judge the vendors/supplier performance.

With Sumpap Logistics, you can gain experience from diverse vendor grading system and quality control & management procedures. We position vendor/supplier quality performance as a core business activity that is integrated with broader vendor/supplier governance and relationship management efforts, you will be well-positioned to experience & manage superior performance, quality control and credibility throughout the complete supply chain.

We Believe vendors/suppliers are an extension of your enterprise, and not a separate entity. Quality controls, standards, performance checking, audits and other processes must be enforced with the same commitment and rigour in the supply chain as in the rest of your organization.

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Our vendor grading and quality management has some distinct features, such as –

Dedicately adopting the approach of product's quality requirements and industry based standards

Proper team training for effective quality checking

Vendor/Supplier Quality and Performance Metrics

Proper classification of vendors/suppliers by risk, and then prioritizing audit activities along with regular audits

Special quality checks purchase order wise

Better Visibility and tracking into Supplier Quality with Technology

Rotational audit procedures

Proper classification of products into good and poor quality on basis of product based parameters

Develop and implement supplier ratings

Collaborative Approach to Corrective Actions

Aligning Supplier Risk Management

Quality Control : An Upper Hand in Market

Vendor/Supplier Quality Management shows a vendor/supplier’s performance in the delivery of goods to satisfy a buyer’s needs. It seeks to ensure units ‘fit’ to buyer’s demands with no or little use of minimal inspection and adjustment. Sumpap Logistics, actively providing supply chain solutions to multiple industries, develops quality control, through our tested, experienced, implemented and advanced technology based checking procedures which are completely customised as per client demand, industry wise, product wise, season wise and trend wise.

Our vendor grading rules and quality checking procedures are well accepted by our clients across various industries. With use of these techniques, our clients have seen substantial increase in product quality and decrease in errors in their vendors/suppliers production. Good Quality products, decreases the production losses increases profit for both client and Vendor/Supplier as well as the end user/customer satisfaction.

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