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Why Us

Sumpap Logistics understands your present business Challenges and future expectations to streamline your supply chain process and provide you seamless experience. Sumpap Logistics work as a big extension of your organization, exercising your strategy, improving it, driving your initiatives and gives you diverse experience in supply chain process. Our objective is to lead your business to supply chain best methodologies & practices, provide supply chain support, expertise, consultancy support system, planning your entire supply chain cycle then implementing it, controlling it, improving it and optimizing it.

Error-free procedure

Dedicated Support

Professional Approach

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Benefits with Sumpap Logistics

Instant collaboration

Actionable results

Flexible planning & policies

Neutral assessment of the supply chain situation

Supreme transparency in all works

Seamless support system

Scalable evolutions

Working with Big Pool of talent

Reduced fixed costs and manageable variable costs

Brainstorming sessions and work-out procedures

Best in industry supply chain experts & 4PL consultancy

Best practice bench-marking

Value driven prioritization

Highly accurate estimations

No Infrastructure investments and easy collaboration

Diverse and long experience in logistics and industries sector

Professional, dedicated, trained and experienced approach

Full internal Transparency and Full outer confidentiality

Why Sumpap Logistics

We are a non asset based organization with no contractual obligations or moral obligations to any service provider or any special logistics partner. We do not receive any commission or pay back on our customer’s transportation spending. This enables us to remain neutral and trustworthy in the marketplace acting in the total interest of our partners and customers.